Outboard keeps fouling plugs

4. run a wide open pass, like for a 1/8 mile then hit the kill switch and pull the plugs. Any recommendations on how to resolve? Engines have roughly 200 hours on them. Step 2- Remove the spark plug using a spark plug socket. They are wet and oily. MX726 · Registered. Shop now for 2 stroke spark plugs at Evinrude. Carbon fouling If the air and gasoline mixture is rich (i. This same canister can then be easily changed out on passage. If you haven't turned on your engine recently, your mower won't start and/or you have to tug repeatedly on the rewind to start the engine, a damaged spark plug may be the culprit. Motorcycle/ATV Spark Plugs 101 - Duration: 10:23. I even throw 2 stroke oil in mine to make the exhaust smell good and never fouled a plug. If the plug is dry, you’ve got different problems. Reading outboard motor spark plugs is very different than automotive applications because you are running a fuel/oil mix instead of straight gas. Protects 2" x 2" receiver tube opening when not in use Features a convenient holder to protect a 4-way flat connector 1 - The role of the Oxygen sensor The o2 sensor (oxygen sensor) is located within the exhaust system, upstream of the catalytic converter. The Best Spark Plugs in the World and Why - Duration: 8:38. I run a Stihl 028 AV Super, and it is using a lot of plugs and clogging up the muffler screen quite easily. There are two drain plugs on the Mercury 2-stroke outboard, and both have utilize a flat-head screw driver. Feb 12, 2015 · Page 1 of 3 - Fouling right plug every ride - posted in Sledding - General Discussion: Hey I have a 1993 formula plus rotax 580. If any of "Outboard Care" article by Peter Caplen in Ocean Voyager 2001 from Ocean Navigator magazine Decent book: "Keep Your Outboard Motor Running" by Richard Thiel (on Amazon - paid link). It would start and die with the old plugs so I put in new plugs (NGK) and it started up and ran fine. Too much petrol. Weskimo · Registered. First check your coil for a healthy spark. You should also check that the spark plug gap is set properly. 040 3. Instant carbonisation sort of points to either excessive oils in the fuel or too cold a plug. plugs fouls because of a rich mixture. Being able to read a spark plug can be a valuable tuning aid. Thanks for the additional information, I will check back with the dealer to make sure they gave me the correct spark plug install procedure. The problem was with the #6 cylinder. This wiki has been updated 16 times since it was first published in June of 2016. Right cylinder continues to soot up and foul plug after about 1 minute of riding. Dec 12, 2011 · Dry and Wet Fouling Although there are many different cases, if the insulation resistance between the center electrode and the shell is over 10 ohms, the engine can be started normally. Dry-fouled spark plugs can sometimes be cleaned by bringing engine up to operating temperature; Before changing fouled spark plugs, be sure to eliminate root cause of fouling. 040" (1. Weak Spark. I run synthetic 2 stroke oil. Gas vapor flows through a small hole in the spark plug non-fouler to ignite and move the engine. Joined Oct 23, 2012 · 14 Posts . Testing has shown that fouling occurs if the end of the nose insulator, or tip, goes below 350 to 400 degrees C. Said his 25 hp was fouling plugs. of worn- out spark plugs or spark plugs that have fouled and need to be  Fuel fouled spark plug Black fluffy carbon deposits indicate an overly But wet fouling can also be caused by dirt or moisture on the outside of  If the spark plugs have a matte black or grey appearance, it could be carbon fouling — something typically caused by a fuel mixture that is too rich. Do I now take I'd suggest fixing the problem that's causing the oil fouling. Replacing an inboard engine with a tilt-up outboard in a custom well. This would lead to the creation of a rich start up mixture in the engine compartment that would cause the plugs to foul. Its role is to inform the ECU of the oxygen content of the burned gases that result from combustion. Although, I keep fouling the plugs. For use in competition, the NGK B7HS-10 short thread plugs and the NGK BR9EIX long thread plugs are recommended. Spark plugs should be changed once a year, and it's a good idea to keep a spare on hand. For example, a 10 heat range in NGK is not the same as a 10 heat range in Champion nor the same in Autolite. Sep 01, 2019 · (2) Make sure that the spark plug lead wire is solidly connected to the spark plug cap. So much is being said about both types of engines, that it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the more delicate points of these two different types of outboards to get a better understanding of each one. if it has always done this then i would gamble on jetting. If the insulation resistance drops to 0 ohms, the firing end is fouled by either wet or dry carbon. Cleaned carbon from all plugs and arranged them in different order and re-tested motor and cylinder 3 is still has no caron, just fuel/oil mixture so it's getting fuel. 3. The key seems to be to store the motor upright - which keeps gas in the right places, i guess. Mar 25, 2016 · Outboard motor output will be reduced. Mercury Marine Spark Plug Applications Two Stroke Mercury Outboards Model Serial # Range Standard Plug Resistor Plug Gap 2. The spark plugs keep Ok heres my problem I put fresh gas in my lawn boy mower with a Honda engine I changed the oil put in a new plug gapped to specs and I cleaned the air filter and still after about 15 minutes of running the plug fouls out the mower is only 4 years old does anybody have any Idea why this happens thank Page 1 of 2 - Keep fouling plugs - posted in Sledding - General Discussion: A friend of mine wife's sled is having problems with her 08 500ss sled keeps fouling the clutch side plug. Nov 21, 2015 · Actually, I just replaced my 4 spark plugs 3 days ago, but all of them are wet of gasoline now. They resist carbon buildup and pre-ignition. Changed plugs leads diz cap rotor 3x about 8 sets of plugs a grade hotter, carb service kit twice and needle. Runs great on both and still will run pretty good on just one. It occasionally will surge back up after a minor drop in rpm. For the snowy day, if the air intake got blocked, or > restricted that would tend enrich the fuel/air mixture. Are there any carby adjustments like jets of needle pin clip (raise / lower) that I can play with to help plugs last longer than 30 mins. As a youngster, cars of that day fouled plugs often and this helped then. This produces dark, fluffy deposits on the tip of the plug. Step 1- Disconnect the spark plug lead. Using a flat-blade screwdriver, rotate the adjuster with the open end facing downward and toward the screw inside the tensioner counterclockwise until the inside. To start and run, an outboard needs: Oct 11, 2008 · I read something that said along the lines of, leaving the motor trimmed down, sometimes oil will leak into the cylinders somehow, fouling the plugs up. Anyways, the problem persists and I'm now on the 3rd spark plug getting fouled. Ignition A spark plug can be fouled by fuel, oil and carbon. A bad spark plug ignition cable will have a much higher than normal resistance. 3 h. Any ideas on what the issue is? Particularly when: Oct 11, 2008 · I read something that said along the lines of, leaving the motor trimmed down, sometimes oil will leak into the cylinders somehow, fouling the plugs up. Some users store their outboards without doing much in the way of maintenance, and they have few problems. Bike has 29,000 mi. Stable operating temperature guarantees Propeller SALE!!: Props For OMC & Cobra: OMC Stringer 100-245HP Pin Drive 1967-1977 Dec 18, 2009 · On Point. They provide the burst of energy needed to ignite the fuel in your combustion chamber. A spark plug can be cleaned and reused, but it more than likely won't run at or near the same efficiency as before it was fouled. tensioner spring bears tension; then install the cap screw into the end of the chain tensioner. Carbon-fouled spark plugs are usually caused by a too-rich air/fuel Aug 14, 2005 · A hotter plug will reduce fouling and generally perform better as long as you don't run "full-out" for an extended period of time. If your spark plugs look good, problems with your ignition system can also preventing a spark. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11 of 11 Posts. Sean Bicknell Aug 04, 2013 · The 2010 Honda Pilot has 2 problems reported for fouling spark plugs. Never heard of that. * *NOTE: Precious metals like platinum, silver and gold are not used on central electrodes for improved electrical conductivity. Checked all new spark plugs and the one in cylinder 3 is squeaky clean, no carbon, just fuel with slight blue tint. against failures due to scuffing, ring sticking, port deposits, bearing failures and plug fouling Exceeds NFPA Code 30 Class IIIB liquids flash point limits. 2T are totally new to me but Im getting use to the difference in the way the bikes handle. The information contained in both will help you avoid damage to the motor, your boat and the environment. I replaced the plugs about 1500 mi ago with the correct NGK IR5s. If this occurs a number of times after the spark plugs have been replaced, the engine is flooding with gasoline. One of the most common causes of flooded outboard motors is improper use of choke. One of the easiest (and cheapest) to diagnose/fix is in the fuel system May 01, 2020 · Spark plugs are vital to making an engine run, so it’s important to keep them in clean working order. That engine really wants to be 50:1 and changing fuel/air mixtures on the carby will only affect the way it runs as will mucking around with timing. Fouling Zone Pre-ignition Zone Figure 2 - Results of thermocouple spark plug tests on a large outboard. Screw up any of the three and you'll have poor performance. Jan 14, 2013 · The Champion plugs were replaced by NGK BKR5E-11 plugs with grooved centre electrodes. These updates must be for USA built sleds? When did Doo start building sleds in USA? Pretty sure they are all built in Quebec. Too much prop pitch puts extra May 31, 2016 · Causes Of Spark Plug Fouling | Maintenance Minute - Duration: 2:40. A guy at work told me the smaller hp motors have problems burning it off and will foul the plugs. So, what are some of the common causes of flooded boat motors? Choke. 14 Mar 2018 Is it the oil? The gas? or the coolant? Spark plugs can be the “canary in the coal mine” for underlying engine issues. Don't worry, just follow these simple steps and we will have you back up and running in no time. It keeps fouling plugs. Feb 11, 2013 · if you run 100:1 you run right on the margin line in my opion , if your motor clogs plugs at 50:1 , i would find a happy medium point between 100:1 & 50:1 , i tell you why ive seen a number of outboard motors in my time that have been on 100: 1 , over the years the salt builds up restrickting the little holes 3, 4 mm holes going from exhaust box to block restricks the water flow & runing on What To Do If Your Outboard Won't Start. Carbon-fouled spark plugs are usually caused by a too-rich air/fuel mixture. Starting Issues: There is a tendency for four-stroke engines to be reluctant starters, even in warm weather. Step 3- Inspect the spark plug for very stubborn deposits, or for cracked porcelain or electrodes that have been burned away. Oct 02, 2018 · That's why it's important to keep a good, water pump in one, like changing it every three years. But lacking such equipment, the best you can do is do a dyno pull (or make a test run), shut the engine off without letting it idle, then remove and “read” the plugs to see if they are fouling. Enough said. 040 4 (40)(2 cyl. Nothing too sloppy, just a light coat. Keep your lawn equipment, motorcycle, watercraft, or ATV running smoothly with one of these 2-stroke engine oils. Also cdi box can act like a spark plug is bad. driving is good for spark plugs because it generates heat that helps keep the spark plugs clean. Boat and Motor Tech > constant fouled plugs why??? HammondSeaRanger's Compression spark fuel. I know the man who had it and it pretty much just sat in his car port. This is called "Thermal Performance", and is determined by the heat range selected. I just bought the boat in Dec. The more worn or dirty spark plugs are, the greater the tug on the rewind and more effort is required to produce an adequate spark. 7-0. Put new plug in and away we go. Feb 11, 2013 · if you run 100:1 you run right on the margin line in my opion , if your motor clogs plugs at 50:1 , i would find a happy medium point between 100:1 & 50:1 , i tell you why ive seen a number of outboard motors in my time that have been on 100: 1 , over the years the salt builds up restrickting the little holes 3, 4 mm holes going from exhaust box to block restricks the water flow & runing on Spark plugs look normal, no water just fuel/oil mixture and some carbon deposit. A hot plug does not transfer heat rapidly away from its firing end into the cooling system and is therefore better at avoiding fouling where combustion chamber or cylinder head temperatures This is where many people make a mistake. Tested the motor and still weak. ) Cover When covering your boat, it is best to use a frame of either aluminum or wood to keep the cover up. Step-by-step troubleshooting will help you pinpoint problems. This is a natural trend and cannot be changed by adjusting the engine. I found an old thread on here and there were a lot of stuff thrown out but never really nothing for sure. If you suspect the spark plug cap, pull the lead wire out of the cap and look at the end of the wire. Also compression test between 170 174. Jun 19, 2007 · Lean to be Clean The carbureted Honda BF90 was tuned on the lean side at idle speed to keep it smooth and clean at trolling speeds, and also to help it meet emissions regulations. Spark plug fouling can be detected by removing the spark plugs and comparing them with a plug color chart. Sep 01, 2019 · Two-stroke plugs are easier to get to for a reason. He DID WARN ME !!!!!do not go higher than the 2 steps hotter !!!!! Engine damage is a given for close to WOT runs . Honda outboard motors are among the finest on the market. It would evaporate out eventually, but if you wanted to start your car in the middle of winter right away, new plugs were required. Check Spark Plugs/Ignition. Fuel Fouled Indicates the cylinder from which the spark plug came is not using all the fuel supplied to it. The motor, which was completely rebuilt six years ago, is a 327 V-8. e. 2 it has been smoking for about 4 months, milage really don't know, oil consumption around half a quart per 200 miles, someone suggested to use SAE 40, I did it, but was worst. Babcox Media 115,705 views. Plugs all replaced as they keep fouling. Four Stroke Outboards . One example is a leaking cold start injector. A motor needs fuel, air and spark in order to operate properly. The 28 SPL loves the L86C plugs so much that idle is increased by the self cleaning burning over 1 month of running. This is a 2004 Cr 125 and I've had it about 3 years. can someone help me? Fouling spark plugs can happen when the tip temperature is insufficient to burn off carbon, fuel, oil or other deposits and causes spark to leach to metal shellno spark across plug gap will Install the cylinder head plugs in the cylinder heads 31. Other high altitude issues can include hard starting, increased fuel consumption and spark plug fouling. Find out 3 things that can  4 Aug 2017 This video explains what happens if a spark plug becomes fouled, and the root causes for this. I have a fuel inj 2003 VTX 1800. They were factory installed Champions. 708") Seat: Tapered seat: Thread Size Apr 24, 2016 · 2nd guess (well actually 1st) is have you heard yet that those motors were notorious for fouling spark plugs? Are you sure it is running on both cylinders? Try new plugs, I don’t care if they were just put in recently. Appearance - Black, sooty coating on firing end. Tech noticed that after the engine idles for awhile that when the key is turned off, a fuel solenoid that was also replaced twiced is letter gas run through the hose that is meant for air to pass only, when running, no gas drips from the same hose when disconnected so tech could observe. I have Dart Iron Eagle Platinum heads 200cc. Tried the Accel Shorty plugs and then switched to the Autolite AR133's what Dart recommends Mar 15, 2016 · Outboard motor output will be reduced. If you can get it running for a few minutes it should flush any oil out of the carb as fuel flows through. Check the voltage on the red and white Ignition wires at the CD Unit. This leaves high molecular weight fractions of fuel that will not burn, but eventually deposit (condenstate) on the in I put in a standby generator and it keeps the fuel good for about 6 months. I'm not used to dealing This gives me at least the same or better motor lubrication, plus it gives me less smoke at a troll and the spark plugs last longer before fouling. I didn't run it at all last year and very little the year before that. I have a 1964. It fouls plugs at about 50 hrs and sometimes sooner. Either replace all the plugs with new ones or clean and reinstall all the I was sand- blasting, cleaning the plugs in my model year 2000 200-HP Optimax all summer long due to fouling. Performed a cylinder leak down test when air put into the suspected bad head, I can hear air coming out of opposite head and crank case. Check your user manual for details and use the recommended lubricant. I cleaned the carbs, changed the spark plugs and gave it fresh gas. Your problem doesn't lie in the boat other than delivering the proper amount of fuel to the outboard. Re: 2 vs 4 stroke, fouled plugs about my experience on the banshee, i thought my arms would be pulled out of their sockets the first time i opened up the throttle, haha. Back Trailering. Have changed and gapped plugs but is hard to figure out where it's coming from. At sufficiently high altitudes increased exhaust emissions can also result due to the increased enrichment of the air fuel ratio. My right cylinder keeps fouling out, flooding with fuel. I am not racing the engine and running a gear high usually. I used autolite's before that, and they only lasted 2 1/2 weeks. While outboards have become more and more complex, they still operate on much the same principles as they did before the current wave of EFI/DFI and four-stroke technology. 2. What boat the motor on has no bearing either. Place an oil pan or spent oil bucket below the outboard skeg before you begin! Hello everyone, 1982 400 Maxim. A quart has 32 ounces of oil in it. The second season of ownership at approximately 55-hours of use Mercury replaced plugs with NGK plugs as a warranty repair. If you remove a spark plug after many hours of running time and determine that since its black, its fouled or too cold of plug, you could be mistaken. I pulled one of the spark plugs last week to see how worn it looked and there was an abundance of the fuel/oil mixture on the spark plug and in the engine slowly seeping onto the female thread area where the spark plug goes in. There are a few manual lubrication points in outboards too, usually in the control linkage. If it does fire when first getting up on the plane it will run fine for most the day. Lead fouling can cause your engine to misfire only at high-rpm and under hard acceleration. Fouling of the entire set might result from an incorrect heat range spark plug or an over-rich air/fuel mixture caused by a clogged air cleaner filter element, a sticking heat riser valve If your spark plugs are operating under 450°C, you can expect plug fouling. May 31, 2016 · The Best Spark Plugs in the World and Why - Duration: 8:38. Anyways I just pulled the covers off the power valves . So far this has worked. The goal is to keep the cylinder temperature between 550*c and 800*c which is about 1020*f to 1470*f. I recently replaced with all new the fuel filter, fuel lines, fuel tank, fuel pump and had the carbs gone through. The size of your engine, whether it has 4, 6, or 8 cylinders, will determine how many you have under your hood. Replace the plug good for more 5 or 6 more trips. Autolite Copper Core plugs are your industry standard. 7:42. Pitbike is running an A7tc spark plug it keeps fouling after fitting - Pit Bike 125cc 4 Stroke Dirt Bike question Sep 18, 2011 · I recently tore down mine, and even after you rebuild the carb and clean up the gas, be sure to take out your spark plugs and clean them up if they look fouled. Nov 07, 2012 · When a plug is fouled it gets coated in some substance like oil or carbon. Jul 27, 2019 · Blow Out Spark Plug Channels – Debris tends to collect in unprotected spark plug tubes and channels. Keeps pointing to the carbs putting in too much fuel. May 13, 2014 · I have a 2011 50 b2 tohatsu outboard The spark plugs keep fouling turning black the motor only has about 35 hours on - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Page 58: Procedure Maintenance drained from it completely, otherwise water may enter the cylinder through the exhaust port and cause engine trou- ble. Burning oil can cause spark plug fouling. Thermostats on outboards; DT150 fouling plugs; Fuel line; I have a 65hp Spirit and it keeps backfireing DT140 EFI 2 stroke 1999 spark plug gap and hour check; The temperature of the spark plug's firing end must be kept low enough to prevent pre-ignition, but high enough to prevent fouling. p. Keep fouling plugs on 2012 625i. ): 5589202-5595531 NGK BP7HS-10 NGK BPR7HS-10 . 1986 Mariner Outboard 40 [ELO] Parts 7040716 and 10 more models EXCESSIVE EXHAUST SMOKE/SPARK PLUG FOULING-MAR 40 MAG/MERC 40 E (4 CYL) SOB-90-06 27-JAN-1999. I want to stop this problem soon because $10 for a spark plug is a Learn more about marine spark plugs & marine batteries, find your part, or find where to buy your part today. Make sure all the drainage fittings are clear and free of debris. The most common cause of poor acceleration in most vehicles is a problem in the ignition system. The content contained in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be used in lieu of seeking professional advice from a certified technician or mechanic. Before operating a Honda outboard motor, read and understand the owner's manual and warranty policy. Jul 14, 2020 · If the plugs fail sooner than the recommended interval, solve the problem before installing new plugs. This high resistance causes a very high amount of voltage to be generated from your ignition coil's secondary winding. I also have a 2002 (basically same bike) that has NEVER fouled a plug. I've replaced spark plugs to no avail. This should clean the plugs if the cause of the fouling is nothing unusual. The motor is set up for full synthetic and I only run XD 100 oil, I have been running super unleaded in it since the new plugs with the 2+4 additives. Not enough air. Next the plugs that you want will be a multi point plug (several earth electrodes coming of the earth to the centre electrode or non fouling plugs for the 2 stroke mixture) They will be available from any outboard marine shop. Marsh: crabby Check all your spark plugs, but work on only one plug at a time, and don’t remove a plug unless the one you just dealt with — or its replacement — is safely back in the engine. Between 1500 and 4500 rpm everything is great, but still will run rough after trolling for ten minutes. Dec 26, 2014 · Same 2 plugs trolling since start of this summer in N Y. I Have: 1- Removed and cleaned carbs throughly 2 times. I will give it a try and let you know. Related Spark Plug Fouled Content 1999 Ford Ranger Spark Plugs Engine Problem 1999 Ford Ranger V6 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 140000 Miles My Ranger Keeps Fouling The Same Two Plugs. Upon removing the plug I noticed the tip was gone. The o2 sensor helps to ensure that the amount of fuel inj Virtually all spark plugs use a copper-core center wrapped in nickel, platinum or iridium to conduct the electrical charge, jump the gap, and promote efficient heat dissipation. 6: 5404657 & up NGK BP7HS-10 NGK BPR7HS-10 . Clean the area around the spark plug to avoid getting debris in the combustion chamber when you remove the plug. Cdi problems on these are pretty normal after they get older. 50 each, so I hate to toss all four of them. First, take the gas line If only one or two plugs in a set are fouled, it is a good practice to check for sticking valves, a cracked distributor cap, or bad secondary ignition wires. This excessive voltage creates a high amount of heat which consequently melts the coil's wire insulation. Aug 04, 2012 · Then this last week, it started fouling plugs. This will increase the plugs tempeature and reduce the fouling effect by being able to burn off the oil or fuel from its firing centre. Keep this owner's manual handy, so you can refer to it at any time. Use a high-quality, name brand plug. changed air filler checked breather was fine. They are fairly large drain plug bolts on the side of the lower unit adjacent to the propeller shaft. Disconnected, dirty or fouled spark plugs are common causes for engines that won’t start. Spark plugs look normal, no water just fuel/oil mixture and some carbon deposit. These cleaners are best as they are quick when it comes to drying. Scotty Kilmer 2,430,465 views. Spark plug fouling is a common cause of engine misfire. one ore multiple cylinders are not firing. Use a fresh plug and ground the electrode to the engine while pulling the starter - the spark should be a healthy blue. A leaky head gasket can also be a cause of this type of fouling. A spark plug manufacturer can use a specially modified spark plug equipped with a thermocouple to measure plug temperature during a dyno run. Please keep it clean. All other plugs burn perfectly, I will check the harnesses, but I dont understand why the plug fires on WOT and idle and drops when trying to cruise. Since I jumbled my plugs during removal, I can no longer tell which came from the misfiring cylinder. 460") Seat: Tapered seat: Thread Size: 14mm: Tip Mar 20, 2015 · How to Read a Spark Plug. Flash point exceeds 200°F and requires no special warehousing NMMA TC-W3® certified. Apr 03, 2012 · Keep a set of spare plugs (gapped, if necessary, to the manufacturer’s specifications) onboard in a waterproof bag—or better, a vacuum-sealed bag, because humid air contains moisture—along with a socket wrench set, preferably one with a rubber gasket to hold a plug in place as you remove or install it, and with an extension, if necessary. its not blowing blue smoke. If you are replacing spark plugs to solve a misfire problem, the car will be back. If this is the case take the plugs out and clean them and try cranking it again. Not sure how much vibration you guys are talking Carburetor equipped engines cause carbon fouling from improperly adjusted or malfunctioning choke. Also, my coolant smells gasoline. If you’ve eliminated fuel problems and air problems, consider pulling each spark plug and giving it a thorough inspection. This temperature range is cool enough to prevent knock and not melt the plug tip, but still hot enough to burn off the carbon and prevent fouling. Discussion Starter • #1 • Sep 20 NGK Spark Plugs are designed to operate over a much wider heat range than ordinary plugs. Plugs are cheap compared to some outboard douche mechanic charging $50+/hr to dick around with your motor. if not go down 1 or 2 sizes on the main jets. Numerous questions have surfaced over the years, leaving many people confused. A dry plug means that no gas is getting to the combustion chamber. The plugs only had 20-hours of runtime on them. One book recommends Champion plugs for 74-76, being #L81C, while the 77-98 are QL82C, both which are hotter plugs, so maybe going to the next current hotter Champion plug would be (older # QL77J5) or it's newer designation #874 or RL82C could help eliminate some oil fouling. To keep your engine operating efficiently, don’t mix plugs in varying states of wear. This prevents the plug from sparking correctly. If your stock premix ratio was 40:1 or 32:1, then you need to lean out the carb for both the ~3000ft altitude and more fuel in the 50:1 premix. Cleaning your spark plugs is a quick and easy way to keep them working, but it’s important to consider the reason your plugs need to be cleaned. lol. At the opposite end of the scale, if the tip temperature gets above 750 to 800 Jun 10, 2002 · RE: 2001 Mercury 75 Hp 2-Stroke Fouling Plugs An easy check would be to make sure that you have the right plugs first. The reason for one less star was because one of the foulers was not threaded correctly and the plug would not go in it. If the spark plugs continue to misfire because of fouling, they may be dirty or worn. Outboard Spares Response Hi, It could be a few things. I put a piece of napkin after I remove my plugs and it captured too much gas. If this carbon accumulates on the firing end of the plug, the insulator resistance between the center electrode and the metal shell will be reduced and this may cause misfiring. Last I checked, there was no scoring on the Aug 04, 2016 · Never heard of one fouling plugs. Premium quality materials resist fouling and corrosion. plug fouling – the baseline current flow increases as the plug voltage to keep the gases ionized but the larger bulb requires a substantially larger for outboard 2-stroke engines which had a bad fouling problem from dirty  12 Jan 2016 Good spark plugs will burn fuel efficiently, while bad or failing spark plugs can routine service and maintenance to keep your engine running strong. More Carbon fouling is one of the potential fouling problems that happens to spark plugs. This causes oil-fouled spark plugs and is characterized by dark, wet, thick deposits on the tip of the plug. pitting in new/clean plugs and it will run great for 1-2 hours then will start loosing rpm's until it quits with black oiled plugs. 2- Put in Seafoam 3- Checked and replaced plugs, plug wires and caps 4-Checked OHMS on coils (they were fine) and even swapped the coils, but the problem remained on the right cylinder. Same with the muffler screen. Maintenance on these engines is relatively straightforward, and many of them sit for an entire off-season without being started. Done this 3 times now and need to figure out what might be causing this and what I could do about it. , it contains a higher proportion of gasoline), carbon will be produced by incomplete combustion. We comply with the State of California's Proposition 65 Proposition 65 provides California consumers with information prior to purchase regarding their potential exposure to certain chemicals. Carbon Fouling If the spark plugs have a matte black or grey appearance, it could be carbon fouling — something typically caused by a fuel mixture that is too EMU30272 Storing outboard motor ning position, use an additional sup- When storing your Yamaha outboard motor port device to secure it in the tilt for prolonged periods of time (2 months or position. If the spark plugs show signs of damage or fouling, new ones may be in order. I have a Kohler, model number CV740S 2004 twin cylinder vertical shaft that is fouling the left plug, black soot, misses, when you shut it off it back fires. When problems do arise with the ignition Jun 28, 2008 · I have a late 80's Mercury outboard motor on my boat. Sep 13, 2014 · 125 Pitbike keeps fouling spark plugs My 125cc. Need other parts? If you need parts not listed in the application guide, please see: I have a 2002 Mercury 250 EFI Model 250XL and I have been plagued since 2009 with a loss in power, increased fuel consumption, and fouling spark plugs. (First Ride of 2020) - Duration: 7:42. Wet fouling is less common on modern fuel-injected engines, but can happen due to a number of mechanical failures, states AA1Car. I've checked timing and ignition coil spark and all are normal. All of the burned plugs are black with soot and they all look the same. Spark Plug. Great spark plug for my 25 hp Mercury 4 stroke outboard motor on the boat. Mar 27, 2016 · Carbon fouling is not the plug's fault, however, the outboard's owner had installed a plug that was too cool for the engine. So he quit using the synthetic oil and it quit fouling plugs. fishboxes, garboard drain, livewells, etc. If the spark plug is dry, then the injector does not deliver fuel to that cylinder. Apr 14, 2012 · Ok so i got a 1991 yz 125 and its a very sound bike. Black soot like peanut butter in exhaust port near tattle tale. Put fresh plugs in runs great for 20 mins turn it off and let it sit for 5 mins and it fouls the right side plug again. I think they said sometimes it clears out at WOT, but for the most part, we were running no-wake speed out of the marina. . 7K  Carbon-fouled plug, Black, dry, fluffy soot on insulator tip and electrodes. My Old Sled 14,159 views. Brush it and remove any dirt using a small wire or If you lay it down on the other side then oil from the crank case can get in the carb and spark plugs. Hi guys, I am fouling plugs like crazy since I put on a Quick fuel carb (750 with vacuum secondaries). Then one day it got so bad the check engine light went on and stayed on. Two different people have rebuilt the carburetor, and then we bought two different rebuilt carburetors. the dealer told me to install the plugs just like I would in a sno machine, snug then down then go 1/4 turn, do not torque them. I foul the number 1 plug about every 5 or 6 trips. They acts the same as a bad coil, a broken spark plug wire or a bad spark plug. . Bad. I tried every trick I knew to get it to thread but to no avail. Apr 18, 2011 · I have a 1991 mercury 75hp outboard motor on my bass boat. Spark plugs are one of the most misunderstood components of an engine. During normal . ATVs, trucks, hunting, sports, boating etc. The website continues to explain that while carbon fouling can cause problems, if the spark plugs are cleaned, there should When there’s an imbalance of these elements, the motor may fuel with an excess amount of fuel. Curing 2-cycle Engine Problems: Many 2-cycle engines have problems and are sent to the junk yard before their time. 2) Also figured that I had a high speed jet clog seeing that i could not achieve full throttle. If your outboard motor gets dunked in salt water, Dry Fouling and Wet Fouling of the Plug Problems with the Firing End Broken Thread Breakage of the Insulator Tear in the Metal Shell Beneath the Hexagonal Portion May 11, 2007 · For instance a fouling plug --Whilst the cylinder is obviously suffering from other defects. The function of the ignition system is to fire the spark plugs at the correct time, just before the piston hits top dead center (TDC) on the compression stroke, to ignite the fuel/air Sep 04, 2012 · Approved lower unit oil for your outboard; Instructions. The bike is an 07 CR125 with a brand new top end. Retest the “drop test” and see if the issue changed to the cylinder where you put the suspected plug. Each features high alumina ceramics for better heat transfer and electrical insulation. they should be tan in color. On my older boat that I bought new with a 100 hp Merc it would load up the plugs after about 10 minutes of slow cruising speed 1600 rpm. The causes are (in order of likelihood) 1. Havoline® Outboard 2T Regional equivalents: MOTEX 2T OUTBOARD, Havoline 2-Cycle Engine Oil TC-W3, Super Outboard 3, TC-W3 The copper core increases the rate of heat conduction in the spark plug tip and improves resistance to all types of fouling. Soot, or dry fouling of the plugs is a result of unburned fuel. Clean the firing end of the spark plug with your chosen product. Or buy new ones. If it did, you need some new plugs! If it didn’t, let’s keep going! Second Thing To Test Is To Decide Fuel or Electrical Jun 08, 2015 · Changing out the lower unit lube and getting it started and changing out spark plugs. After a couple of months my car began to idle roughly at stops but not always. Once you get to that point, then you can adjust the pilot jet if its still fouling them out. Appearance & Symptoms: Lead fouling can only occur in applications that use leaded gasoline, such as racing engines. Keep the Spark Alive The best spark plug non-foulers for cars and trucks prevents the spark plugs from fouling. Worn or damaged pistons or valve guides allow oil into the combustion chamber, which drips onto the spark plugs. By John Tiger Photos By Mark Corke. I’ve seen brand new motors that wouldn’t run one weekend without fouling plugs. Adds dress-up to receiver. As a result, I have 4 used plugs, 3 of which are presumably good plugs. Whatever the cause is, if you devise a hack to stop the effect without fixing the cause, the problem is gonna be extreme and costlier. > I've always thought that fouling plugs was more to do with a rich fuel > condition than a little extra oil. Carbon Fouling. Disadvantages of a Four-Stroke Outboard . Remove the spark plug. I've even started the engine with a slight push on the throttle and just one spark plug wire on at a time and it runs with just one cylinder at a time. >> Follow this guide on checking and replacing spark plugs On many COP-style engines the spark plug and ignition coil are mounted into a tube that is a part of the valve cover. If you are kicking or pulling your 2 stroke motor over repeatedly, please stop. So for a portable 6 gallon tank to fill it using the 50:1 ratio would take 16 ounces, (1 pint) or 1/2 of the quart. So (assuming yours is a 2-stroke) i filled my 6gallon tank to exactly six gallons. Now it is starting to hesitate when mashing the throttle to get up on plane after trolling it for 6 hours. No four plug keeps fouling. It will cruise all day at 1/2 throttle but it shuts off about 75% of the time when I try to move it from 1/2 throttle to full throttle. >> Follow this guide on checking and replacing spark plugs. 2: 8075603 N/A NGK BPR6HS-10 . Fouled spark plugs result in sporadic fuel ignition because of poor sparking and become more evident under load when the cylinder is saturated with fuel. Dirty or fouled spark plugs can be a problem. Re: Fouling plugs. Appearance - Firing tip is damp with gasoline, usually the odor of fuel is present on the spark Nov 20, 2017 · A colder plug transfers heat faster while a hotter plug is slower. This guide was designed to assist the technician, hobbyist, or race mechanic in understanding, using, and troubleshooting spark plugs. The new plugs are hotter (5 instead of 6) and have a larger electrode gap (1. I put iridium plugs in all my engines as they definitely improve performance, gas efficiency, emissions, and last much longer than standard OEM plugs. The numbers of a spark plug is very interesting and not In identical spark plug types, the difference from one full heat range to the next is the ability to remove 70°C to 100°C from the combustion chamber. Compressed air is a good idea to get rid of it, preventing it from falling into the cylinder when you remove the spark plug. Nov 15, 2019 · A propane outboard also can’t be flooded the way a regular gas outboard can (and frequently does). The duty cycle used by the EPA to measure outboard emissions is weighted 40 percent to operation at idle speed but just six percent at wide-open throttle. Store the engine in an upright position to promote adequate drainage of water. These guys often had fouled plugs, stuck needles etc. Typical problems include hard starting, rough running, a need to adjust the carburetor during use to keep the engine from stalling, a need to rev the engine to ke Spark plugs are a vital component to the internal combustion engine, and spark plug problems can stop you in your tracks . I generally think of this as a less severe case of PLUG 3, Fuel Fouled, both are bad as the carbon really causes the plug to not work results are bad misfires. Been fishing just taking it easy on it right now and will take her to dealer after first week of August. Dec 20, 2012 · Lead Fouling. 016mm) Heat Range: 15: Hex Size: 5/8" (16mm) Reach: 11. what's under that will move in and out easy by hand. A: A spark plug is considered fouled when low-speed driving may keep the spark plug  If your spark plugs are fouled or damaged, it can lead to a host of problems including lawnmower or boat, or if you suspect something is wrong with the engine. I changed the plugs and still occasionally drops rpm once over 4500 rpm. These plugs are $7. Jan 12, 2016 · Listed below are 6 common symptoms of worn-out spark plugs or spark plugs that have fouled and need to be replaced by an ASE certified mechanic as soon as possible. 5 Mustang with a 170cid 6 that keeps fouling plugs. Try disconnecting the yellow stator wires that connect to the rectifier and test engine. May 09, 2011 · Hi, in order of importance are the following reasons for plug fouling on an old tech carby outboard- cold running engine, incorrect spark plugs and cheap oil. The motor it's self has very little use and is like almost new. Little more than a week ago it began fouling ONLY the lower plugs After 150,000 on the original factory plugs I replaced them all with Bosch Platinum, single tip, plugs. Atom's extra-long-shaft outboard motor places the shaft nearly as low as the original prop in its aperture. When I went to the back to look a it I noticed that it looked like water was coming out of the lowest spark plug. 8 mm). RE: fouling spark plugs Hope this is not a duplication, it says it didn't send the first try. Causes Of Spark Plug Fouling | Maintenance Minute - Duration: 2:40. Hello everyone, 1982 400 Maxim. Failed spark plug(s). Exceeds warranty requirements for all outboard engine manufacturers Keeps you engine running clean Center Electrode: Fine Wire Plug: Ground: Cut back ground with modified gap: Heat Range: 17: Hex Size: 5/8" (16mm) Reach: 18mm (0. The heat range numbering system used by spark plug manufacturers is not universal. The most common cause of this issue can be attributed to incorrect spark plugs, so be sure to check that the right spark plugs are being used first. Please help the MFI community keep the Ultimate MFI resources thread and the Mechanical fuel injection resource index up to date. Mar 20, 2010 · I recently switched from a 4T 250 to a 2T 125. I go through a plug only after maybe 20 hrs (or at least, it will be much easier to cold start with a new plug). The improved throttle response, superior anti-fouling and high-ignitability makes Iridium IX ® ideal for the performance enthusiast. Fuel fouling causes wet plugs and comes from unburned gasoline. Then I switched to NGK BR9EIX Iridium plugs but I still foul them occasionally. Slow acceleration. Scotty Kilmer 2,433,254 views. Also, when one of the engines is fully tilted, oil leaks out of the cap/sensor combination. Optimum Spark Plug Life Ashless additive system helps reduce spark plug fouling under a wide range of operating conditions. Starts right up and runs very smoothly. Jul 31, 2012 · I changed out the 2nd spark plug, added some dielectric grease to the connections for both the plug end contact and the coilpack - as well as the 4 pin connection. The typical two stroke usually needs to maintain at least 15psi of water pressure. Fouled or damaged spark plugs can cause all sorts of problems in any engine, much less in an outboard. The engine is running with good performance. What else could this be. Given that NGK copper plugs are only a few dollars, it really doesn't hurt to replace a May 06, 2010 · Hello everyone, 1982 400 Maxim. Little more than a week ago it began fouling ONLY the lower plugs 5. This in turn can lead to spark plug and ignition coil failure. If the plugs run too hot, a condition known as “overheating”, the engine may suffer from pre-ignition, which can cause pinging, or in a worse-case situation, engine damage. The symptoms are: Hard to get started. Extra Maintenance: A four-stroke outboard needs more regular maintenance and checkups than a two-stroke outboard. The manual recommends NGK BKR6E plugs. Higher powered engines tend to generate enough combustion temperature to keep the spark plug nose hot, and therefore deposits down, even with cold plugs. 2006 Suzuki Intruder S83 keeps fouling spark plugs I have a 2006 1400vs intruder plugs become fouled rapidly and after replacing I might get 100km then I lose spark in rear cylinder. If your spark plugs are operating above 800°C, you can expect plug overheating problems. Make sure coils and wires are good and voltage is good, and all jets in carb clean. Available in synthetic, semi-synthetic, regular, and smokeless, they can minimize spark plug fouling and carbon buildup, so your 2-cycle motor runs Compatible 1949 LAUSON Outboard S300 1 Cyl. Dream keeps fouling plugs. ) Has E3 plugs on it now, not even a month old. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. Jun 19, 2007 · A serious student of the Honda outboard, Jacoby knew exactly what I was talking about when I mentioned a bogging BF90, and had some advice for BF90 owners: Get the revs up: "The BF90 needs to be propped to run 6000 rpm at wide-open throttle, and that's with a full load of fuel, gear and passengers," said Jacoby. make sure the air screw is adjusted right. i bought three days ago and it ran awesome now it keeps fouling plugs every ride i took the spark plug out and there is black residue on it i am running a 30:1 mixture and when i asked the previous owner what he ran in it he said he ran around a 50:1 mixture what i should i do because i was Find spark plugs for your 4-stroke Mercury Mariner outboard using the application chart from the Mercury Quicksilver catalog. Check for faulty or sticking choke, overly rich fuel mixture, ignition problems, leaking fuel injectors, or spark plug heat range is too cold. The guys at the shop gave me some a Ok so I have been having trouble with my Cr125. If the air and gasoline mixture is rich (i. 27 Mar 2016 A visual inspection of your boat engine's sparkplugs can help you Carbon fouling is not the plug's fault, however, the outboard's owner had  1), Carbon fouling. When I remove the plug it is wet with fuel, and makes it impossible to start. literally. The only way to solve this issue is to keep a vigilant eye on your oil level. It fouls plugs so bad I've been buying plugs in the 24 shop packs, three times now. In those engines that used 1/2" pipe thread spark plugs or 7/8 - 18 thread spark plugs, the best deal is to try to buy spark plugs that come apart so the insulator can be taken out and cleaned with WD-4O, kerosene, Diesel fuel, or other things that will not remove the glaze on the bottom of the insulator. They made no mention of any indexing procedure. Aug 04, 2017 · Sled Keep Fouling Spark Plugs? This Could be Why. By examining the center electrode color, an experienced engine tuner can determine a great deal about the engine’s overall operating condition. The engine will benefit the fitting of a hotter plug. Disconnect the Mercury Outboard switch and reset, if the engine fires, replace the Mercury Outboard switch. What To Do If Your Outboard Won't Start. Learn how to check & clean a small engine spark plug or find instructions for this 3-step guide will provide the resources you need to keep your machine running right! Checking Small Engine Spark Plugs How To Clean Fouled Spark Plugs 24 Sep 2015 I have a 2007 optimax 115 the #3 plug keeps fouling out. This is the reverse in the case of two stroke engines. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jun Dan,,,,S Plug #1 a bit of oil and carbon fouled, plug #2 oil and carbon fouled, s plug #3 a bit of oil and carbon fouled, s plugs #4 #5 #6 good conditions, engine is an 84 euro 3. 6mm (0. If you were riding slower than you > normally do, then maybe the pilot and idle circuit is a little rich for > that operation. 4. Carbon fouling occurs when the spark plug firing end does not reach the self-cleaning temperature of approximately 450°C (842°F). DONT GET CHINESE CRAP. Quantity: 6<br><br>Compatible with Champion RJ19LM & NGK BR2LM Spark Plugs<br><br>High durability spark plug that keeps your small engine running in optimum performance. The length of time between spark plug changes depends on variables such as how many hours you use your boat and how you are using it. To clean a badly fouled spark plug soaking ½ inch of the firing end of the spark plug in liquid toilet cleaner. totally mint. Motor still runs fine but lacks When the motor fouls the plug, is it carbon fouled or wet fouled? Ask Your Own Boat What's going on with your boat? Pearl avatar  other reproductive harm. Car definitely runs great until the plugs foul out. The benefits of BANGCHAK OUTBOARD include the following properties: - Minimized spark-plug fouling and preignition - Extened spark-plug life - Contained antirust, antiscuff and anticorrosion additives - Reduced port deposits and ring sticking . On the other hand, by the time I need plugs again, I will probably have lost them anyways, LOL. ( In fairness, the plug was recommended by a store clerk as a replacement for the original plug the owner had asked for>) At any rate, changing to the correct plug had the engine starting and running beautifully. One topic that keeps popping up concerning outboards is the comparison between Two Stroke Vs. 1 mm instead of 0. •Reduces spark plug fouling and surface ignition •Can be used at any fuel-to-oil ratio specified by OEM •Excellent lubricity for use in high-output outboard engines •Outstanding low temperature performance •Low aquatic toxicity •Keeps engine parts cleaner •Suitable for either direct injection or premix engines aPPlicaTions Take a spark plug from one of the other cylinders and swap it out with the suspected spark plug. If the problem moves with the injector then Bingo. An easy fix, for a few dollars you can get your boat engine running again. Remove and inspect the spark plugs, and either clean or replace them as needed. View All; Tires, Rims, & Hub Kits; Boat Trailer Winches; Boat Motor Supports & Transom Savers; Boat Trailer Guides & Rollers The best spark plug non-foulers for cars and trucks prevents the spark plugs from fouling. If you decide you want to run around the lake at speed, just change the plug back to the standard plug - only takes a minute or two. the choke seems to work and I have soot build up in tailpipes. 10 May 2017 4. According to NGK Spark Plugs, when the insulator nose of the spark plug is coated, it is considered fouled. Auto Parts stores sell spark plug cleaner devices that sand blast the end of the spark plug to remove 02 Buick Lesabre Naturally Aspirated option 2800 motor in it, Cylinder 3's plug keeps bending at the tip (Basically it keeps warping until the anode & cathode are making contact. Jul 30, 2009 · 1) even though i had new spark plugs, my oil-gas mixture was off just a hair fouling out my plugs. The other issue could be an incorrect gasoline/two cycle outboard oil mixture. I do only trail riding. I have put 12k of it on the bike issue free since the end of June. ) But they would last an hour or two at most. a spark is a spark no matter what temperature the plug itself is. This happens if the ratio fuel/air is too high. See Photo 1. Incoming search terms: 2008 Honda Rancher 420 Keeps Foling Plugs,Can Wet Spark Plug Keep 4 Wheeler From Starting,Coleman Utv Fouls The Spark Plug,Coleman Atv Fouls Spark Plugs,Raptor 250 Fouling Plugs,Why Atv Plug Keeps Getting Wet,Why Does My Honda Fourtrsx Keep Fouling Spark Dec 15, 2011 · Two stroke oil build up in the engine leads to fouled plugs. My dealer replaced the plugs, they were really fouled up. To start and run, an outboard needs: PLUG keeps fouling and now wont start!!! Although weedeater, chainsaw and outboard oil will work, it does not offer good protection to a motorcycle engine. Iridium’s extremely high melting point is perfectly suited to today’s high-temperature engines, delivering outstanding acceleration, fuel efficiency and durability. maybe clean the plugs again after it is running and the Stuff not directly related to snowmobiles. I bought the boat with the motor in 2008 with only about 30 hours on it and it would run up to 70 MPH. First, take the gas line Spark plugs typically need to be replaced every season or 25 hours of use. Their condition can also indicate lurking internal problems, too. My 28-foot Pearson Triton, Atom, has undergone several extensive refits during our 40 years and two circumnavigations together. if it's a worn out motor you can run a hotter plug to keep it from fouling completley on you but that's just a temperary fix. This is the fouling zone. From day one it's been a plug fouler. Overtime the seal between the valve cover and that spark plug tube can fail, causing oil to leak in and fill up around the spark plug and ignition coil. Page 65: Left-Side Components Dec 14, 2014 · Page 5 of 6 - 2015-009 recall for fouling plugs on 800e tecs - posted in REV-XP / XS Chassis - Renegades / Freeride / Backcountry: We have a 15 Ren X 800 and a 15 Ren XRS 800 etec and both have run perfect from day 1. it will hit 40 then. i do realize you must be able to control a bike to go faster, that's it's not about raw power. I have an '97 Evinrude Intruder 115. I have twin 2001 150hp HPDI that have been fouling plugs at low rpm from *****ing for long periods of time. 5: 6202173 & up NGK BP6HS-10 NGK BPR6HS-10 . The purpose of the non-fouler is to act like a sleeve for the spark plug and keep out oil. Remove Spark Plug – Using a spark plug socket and locking extension, remove the old spark plugs. 040 This gives me at least the same or better motor lubrication, plus it gives me less smoke at a troll and the spark plugs last longer before fouling. Not unlike a regular gas outboard with an integral gas tank, a 16oz canister offers around two hours of running at half throttle with a Lehr. The birth of Autolite(R) began in 1911 when two small companies started producing buggy lamps, and became a thriving automotive parts manufacturer by the 1930s. Keep it for a few minutes and then rinse it well. Thanks for the help. I use the engine to troll exclusively (1500-2000 rpm) (TR-1 auto-pilot). Iridium IX ®. 3rd guess is major air leak. Spark plugs typically need to be replaced every season or 25 hours of use. Plugs are NGK BPZ8HS-10 which are recommended for this engine. As well as new plugs. It ran great for the next 3 weeks. Old fuel, carbon and residue inside the fuel cause fuel injectors and/or their filter baskets to become clogged. If the voltage is less than 9 1/2 volts during cranking there is a problem in the battery s or the Ignition switch Box. This owner's manual is considered a permanent part of the outboard motor and should remain with Spark plugs faulty, fouled or improperly gapped. A bad water pump can still pump water, it just won't have the pressure necessary to keep the motor from developing hot spots. Similar Threads for: 2001 YZ250 fouling plugs: Thread: Thread Starter: Forum: Replies: Last Post: KX 250 Fouling plugs! PLEASE HELP: earthvssoup26: 2-Stroke Dirt Bikes - Kawasaki: 20: 05-24-2010 01:53 PM: Fouling plugs? Beans: 2-Stroke Dirt Bikes - Honda: 5: 04-08-2009 10:33 PM: YZ 250 fouling plugs - need some advice: icebat: 2-Stroke Dirt Jun 20, 2003 · i doubt this is a plug heat range or brand problem. by James Baldwin. 1977 MGB GT. Center Electrode: Copper Core: Gap: 0. Stock jetting tends to be set up for Sea Level altitude and stock premix ratio. If the spark plug is wet and smells like gasoline, then the injector on that cylinder is not your problem. My 1995 Mercury 3 cylinder 2 stroke 60 HP is fouling plugs regularly. Get the vehicle serviced regularly and check for an oil leak whenever you can. Oct 11, 2008 · I read something that said along the lines of, leaving the motor trimmed down, sometimes oil will leak into the cylinders somehow, fouling the plugs up. Theory, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting of 2-strokes in a short, common-sense way. When I first got the bike I ran NGK BR9EG(thats what it says in the manual to run. When you have a wet spark plugs you can have a blown head gasket I found this out from a video on YouTube and it was the head gasket the radiator fluid is slightly seeping into the engine oil that's why the car is not overheating you can fix this problem with Blue Devil head gasket sealer just read the directions and that's the reason why you're getting white smoke from the exhaust and that's I have a 85hp V4 that keeps a constant miss through all RPMs and idle. I run my 2006 KX250 two stroke in the tight trails and it builds up oil in the engine over time fouling the plug by the end day and oil coming out the tail pipe. <br><br>Superior conductivity for consistent voltage and long life. Outboard motors are designed to provide years of trouble-free operation, and nothing spoils a weekend outing like one that will not run properly. 1. My RM125 keeps fouling plugs after only 30 mins riding. Ensure that ALL drain plugs are removed (i. Most obvious issues are 1000m altitude and 50:1 premix ratio. Moving the suspect injector to another cylinder is one way of diagnosing the problem. To keep your engine operating efficiently, don't mix plugs in varying states of wear. Joined May 4, 2014 · 16 Posts . The old style plugs could become fouled enough that they woudn't create a spark as the electrode would absorb the fuel. Re: 15hp 2 Stroke Johnson Outboard Issues - Spark Plug Fouling Check your fuel in your tank, sounds to me like it might have copped a bit of odd fuel (diesel or similar) by mistake sometime. Worrying in time it can damage my lower unit. Starting is less than a 1/10 0f a second. Fouling plugs, sooted plugs, wet plugs. Lead fouling generally shows up as yellowish brown deposits on the spark plug’s insulator nose. Black sparks indicate that the temperature of the combustion chamber is too low. Jun 28, 2014 · In each of these cases, a hotter plug will help keep the spark plug tip from becoming fouled. Aug 11, 2009 · Need an idea of where to start. The amount of voltage it takes to fire a spark plug depends on a number of variables: spark gap (the distance between the center electrode and ground electrode or electrodes if the plug has multiple ground electrodes); the amount of pressure inside the combustion chamber; the engine’s compression ratio; if the engine is naturally-aspirated or boosted; the type of fuel used (gasoline, ethanol RE: fouling spark plugs Hope this is not a duplication, it says it didn't send the first try. M. Average repair cost is $100 at 45,500 miles. APPLICATION BANGCHAK OUTBOARD is designed for use in water-cooled, two-cycle engines such The fouling and excess oil started after he worked on it. com. symptoms of worn out spark plugs or spark plugs that have fouled and  12 Jan 2016 Spark plugs have been a critical component of the internal combustion require routine service and maintenance to keep your engine running strong. Keeps mud, show, ice from fouling tube. As a result, starting the engine may prove difficult due to the wet spark plugs. outboard keeps fouling plugs

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